Are we there yet?

It’s not a race, just a journey.

That seems like a simple enough truth, even a trite one. But I still so often forget. I get caught up trying to arrive places and become who I want to be––who I’m supposed to be. I still have trouble accepting myself as I am, where I am. 

I have always been desperate for my life to have meaning. And because I am a God-follower, I sometimes feel extra pressure. Surely my life is supposed to count for something? Surely it would be a crime to waste all my potential?

Yet in my search for meaning and purpose, I have found one simple truth hounding me at every turn: The point isn’t to climb some elusive summit; the journey is about getting to know your Guide.

My journey has already involved many more unexpected curves, disappointing tumbles, and terrifying jumps than I expected. Looking back, I like to think it all makes sense in some way. I like to think joy and wisdom came from the pain. I like to pretend I have no fears about where the future may take me, or what it may take from me.

I’m not always convinced of those things.

Yet God.

Still Walking

One step at a time. That’s how the journey goes. Sometimes we take a wrong turn or have to stop and catch our breath. Perhaps we even collapse from exhaustion. Perhaps we get stuck in a ditch and don’t know the way out. It’s okay. 

I’ve learned that no one has the right to judge my ‘yes’ to God. And I wouldn’t trade my ‘yes’ to Him for anything.

I pray that what I share on this blog may encourage you in some way. Or make you laugh. Or even inspire you to give yourself more credit, take another risk, or give yourself permission to slow down. 

And perhaps, through the stories I share, you may recognize a little more distinctly the One who has been with you this whole time. The One who calls you by name and says, Here and now, be with Me.

So kick back and stay awhile.

Lean in and ponder. Smile, laugh, or cry––no one here will judge you. Connect, share, process, and let yourself remember: You are not alone.

Here’s to rising after every tumble, celebrating every small victory, and treasuring the imperfect, unpredictable process that has made us who we are today and continues to change us into who we will be tomorrow.

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