One step at a time

It’s not a race, yet so often I’m tempted to rush in life. I look around and compare myself with others’ stories, others’ timelines, others’ gifts. Yet slowly but surely I am learning: my story is unique and my journey is worth celebrating.

Slowly but surely, I’m learning to embrace the moment I am in.

I have always been desperate for my life to have meaning. Because I am both a Jesus-follower and a millennial, I feel extra pressure. Surely my life is supposed to have global impact. Surely I can’t settle for being comfortable, or even the normal version of “successful.” Surely I was created for something more. Yet what is that more?

In the elusive search for purpose, one simple truth persists: The One who created me holds all the answers. And life makes the most sense when I am simply looking at Him.

My journey has already involved many more unexpected curves, disappointing tumbles, and terrifying jumps than I expected. Looking back, I like to think it all makes sense in some way. I like to think joy and wisdom came from the pain. I like to pretend I have no fears about where the future may take me, or what it may take from me. Sometimes I am filled with hope recognizing how God has humbled me, formed me, and strengthened me through it all, seeing how He has used me in more profound ways than I ever imagined. Other days, I am not always convinced the pain was worth it. I’m not always convinced the path forward is bright.

Yet God.

Still Walking

One step at a time. That’s how the journey goes. Sometimes we take a wrong turn or have to stop and catch our breath. Perhaps we even collapse from exhaustion. Perhaps we get stuck in a ditch and don’t know the way out. It’s okay. We get overwhelmed, but He never does. And He never treats our suffering, our wrestling, or our seeking flippantly.

In the most unexpected ways, He shows up.

I started this blog when I moved to South Korea in 2011 to detail my escapades during what I thought would be a year-long adventure. (Surprise, I stayed 7.5 years!) Since then, this blog has developed into much more. I pray that what I share may encourage you or make you think. I hope that some of my experiences can bring clarity to yours. I pray you may be inspired to give yourself more credit, take another risk, or give yourself permission to slow down. 

And most of all, I pray that you may be reminded that your Creator loves you and never overlooks you. The hard days are not the end. And the good ones are meant to be celebrated.

So kick back and stay awhile.

Lean in and ponder. Smile, laugh, or cry––no one here will judge you. Connect, share, process, and let yourself remember: You are not alone.

Here’s to treasuring the imperfect, unpredictable process that has made us who we are today and continues to change us into who we will be tomorrow. Here’s the One whose ways are higher and whose heart we can spend our whole lives searching out without reaching its breadth or width. Here’s to awe, and here’s to wonder.

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