Beginning with Rest

Today is a delightfully rainy day. The perfect day to lie in bed and rest after a rough night of fighting jet lag and mosquitos. Thus begins the next chapter of my life.

I have a long to-do list that I am currently working my way through. It is full of the kind of mundane tasks that tend to intimidate me and that I tend to put off.  Opening and closing bank accounts, buying household items, getting health insurance, designing and printing business cards.  But as I make my way through this list, I am reminded of the importance of rest.

I used to feel guilty for resting, for not being “productive,” but now I realize that good things start from that place of rest. The place of receiving, observing, pondering, and enjoying.

So I’m letting my body take its time re-adjusting to this time zone. I’m taking my time getting everything in order. Today, I’m letting myself enjoy this rainy afternoon knowing that tomorrow I’ll get down to business: join a gym, get my phone fixed, buy a new clothes rack, open a new bank account. Those things will get done soon (if not tomorrow), so right now I simply listen to the rain and appreciate the beauty of all the blessings in my life.



Take a Pause
And reconnect

We all get caught up and need reminders now and then to slow down and connect with God. If that's you, here it is:

You were made for relationship. For Love. He is here, wanting to connect with you. 

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After living in South Korea for over 7 years, Elizabeth is back in the States finding a new normal. Currently in seminary, she is enjoying unpacking questions of faith in a new context. Amidst the tension of brokenness and conviction, she continues to find grace. And above all else, she continues to pursue the God who inspires childlike wonder.

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