I had a dream the other night that someone was trying to kill me.

It was like an action movie. While in the car with my family (in the dream I went home for Thanksgiving), bombs went off in parking garages, next to buildings, on the street, but we always sped off just in time. But like in an action movie, I wasn’t scared, but excited.

I realized there was a pattern. The family members in the car with me would change, but I was always in the car when the bombs went off. “The enemy is trying to kill me!” I excitedly told my dad and grandmother. “He really hates me!” (Grin on my face.) “But he can’t kill me! He can’t touch me unless God lets him!”

I have strange, vivid dreams pretty frequently, but I’ve been paying more attention to my dreams lately, and I found this one interesting. Especially because of the way I felt. It wasn’t an anxiety dream (of which I am quite familiar), because I felt no anxiety. I only felt excitement.

In fact, I felt invincible.

The morning after this dream, I got depressed while perusing Facebook.

(This is why I don’t go on my Facebook newsfeed all that often, to be perfectly honest.) I started stressing out about my birthday party again (which isn’t for a another 2 months). I started wondering why I have been so tired and “anti-social” lately (which totally isn’t true). I felt down. Guilty. Bad about myself. Regretful. Uncertain. A whole lot of negative things.

But then in the shower (a great place for revelation), my bomb dream came back to me, and I felt God say, “These negative thoughts are BOMBS. Satan is trying to kill your spirit!!”


Suddenly I woke up to what was really going on. The enemy was trying to kill me! Just like in my dream, the adrenaline started surging. And just like in my dream, that feeling of victory and invincibility came over me.

Sometimes I forget about the spiritual battle that is constantly raging in the unseen realm. Just because I am not alert doesn’t mean it stops.

Satan is constantly looking for an opportunity to destroy me.

That might sound like a scary statement, but to me it’s exciting. Just like my action movie dream.

That truth wakens me to importance of my life. Some people go through life assuming that they are “ordinary,” unimportant, of little or no consequence to the world, but those are all lies of the enemy. He loves to keep the people of God down. Because if we really rose up in the fulness of who we were, he would stand no chance against us.

I will probably have to fight negative, pessimistic thoughts for the rest of my life. But that’s fine. Bring it on! I will strike them down as many times as it takes! I can only get stronger!

Do you know why the devil can never defeat me? Because I belong to God. Because I will never be stupid enough to rebel against God and try to go off on my own (like he did). Satan can try to threaten and intimidate me all he wants, but I know the truth. I am untouchable.

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Elizabeth holds to simple faith in a complex world. She values the beauty of the everyday and strives for vulnerability with other imperfect humans. She is currently pursuing her MDiv at Fuller Theological Seminary, so when she isn't busy writing academic papers, she is usually out enjoying the LA sunshine. She is constantly learning, laughing, and finding herself in awe of grace.

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