Young and Female: Relating to Men

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Men and women have more in common than not. We are all people with feelings, thoughts, ideas, desires, hopes, and questions. But, we are different. It was so since the beginning. And it still is.

Sometimes, it can feel like we are on opposite sides of a divide, either failing to communicate or part of some tense, unspoken power struggle. Yet there is something very special about healthy male-female relationships (and I’m not just talking about romance).

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Enjoying the last bits of sunshine together

I enjoyed the last rays of the summer solstice in the company of my Kentucky-born grandfather. He was in America sitting outside by my grandmother’s grave, while I was in Korea sitting inside at my desk, but through the amazing technology of FaceTime, we were together.

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Here and Now

I invite you to join me on my journey. Adventuring isn't nearly as fun alone!

Although I have no desire to see The Revenant, I love that Leonardo DiCaprio finally won his Oscar and I loved the last sentence of his acceptance speech: “I do not take tonight for granted.” It got me thinking about how easy it is to take things for granted. To feel entitled. To long and hope […]

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The Treasure that is Relationships

I have a bit of a fear of social awkwardness. I’m one of those people who ducks and hides when she sees former acquaintances on the street. I tend to avoid unnecessary conversations in which I’m not sure I’ll know what to say. It’s nothing against those people. It’s just awkward. So it only took me […]

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One of Those Moments

Tonight my nine-year-old sister said to me, “You’re awesome, you know that?” I was about to play dodgeball with her and our younger brother in the basement, which she had been wanting to do all evening. I suppose that’s what triggered the comment, but whatever the motivation, I have to say it warmed me up inside. Nothing […]

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Giving Thanks

This is the fourth year I will be spending Thanksgiving abroad. Not that I’m keeping track or anything, but Thanksgiving does happen to be my favorite holiday. Christmas is nice, too, but the gift buying and giving can be stressful. Thanksgiving is nothing but pure eating and enjoying people’s company. And giving thanks, of course. […]

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Introverts Need People Too

As an introvert, I sometimes struggle to make time for people. When I get busy, the first thing I toss out the window is socializing. I need my Saturday’s all to myself so I can recharge, I tell myself. But after one of the most draining weekends of my life (working at a two-day English Festival doing […]

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Vulnerability with Other Humans

Vulnerability is one of those keys to life we never quite graduate from learning. Who can say that they are always comfortable with vulnerability? (Show me that person, and I’ll call them a liar. Though maybe not to their face..) Isn’t it strange how when we need help the most, it’s the hardest to ask […]

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