In the life of faith, there is always more.

A higher level of trust. A deeper level of mystery. A farther step into the unknown. That’s what’s so exciting about it. There is a momentum constantly calling you forward, stretching you, surprising you, igniting you.

It’s good to look back sometimes and recognize how far you’ve come. The boldness and authority with which I pray and speak and even sing has increased tenfold since I arrived in Korea nearly four years ago. It’s important to look back and celebrate.

But there is also more, and it’s good to hunger for that.

Right now, I feel God calling me deeper, to a place I’ve never been.

And it’s funny how scary it is to step out into it. Having built up such a rich history with God, I wouldn’t have thought I would have any reason to doubt. But still, the fear greets me as I peer out over the water. That is water You’re asking me to step onto!” I protest. “I might sink! I might choke! I might die!”

Jesus doesn’t try to reason with me. He simply holds out his hand. “Do you trust Me? I won’t let you drown.”

In unfamiliar territory, relying on my experience doesn’t work. I’ve never walked on water before, so how can I know what to do? All I can do is look to Jesus and obey his voice.

“But why is walking onto water necessary?” I ask. “Isn’t this breaking the rules? Isn’t this something I’m not supposed to do?”

Jesus cuts through my questions with a simple truth. “It’s not about rules. It’s about relationship. This is about growing in intimacy with Me.”

Living a life in the midst of the mystery

If everything happened the way we expected, why would we ever search for God?

God calls us into mysteries. Some painful, some breathtaking. All requiring faith. God extends his hand and invites us deeper, farther. Don’t be afraid; just believe.



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Elizabeth holds to simple faith in a complex world. She values the beauty of the everyday and strives for vulnerability with other imperfect humans. She is currently pursuing her MDiv at Fuller Theological Seminary, so when she isn't busy writing academic papers, she is usually out enjoying the LA sunshine. She is constantly learning, laughing, and finding herself in awe of grace.

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