Good Morning Baltimore

Tomorrow I’ll say one last good morning to Baltimore

and then it will be goodbye. Vacation is over.

On this trip home, my third since moving to Korea, I’ve realized more than ever that America and Maryland and Baltimore really aren’t my “home” anymore. (Living out of a suitcase in a room without a ceiling light helps you reach that conclusion pretty fast. How did my brother live like this..?)

My real life is in Korea now. My job and regular bed and vision for the future and all that stuff is there.

But there is a lot I’m sad to leave here.

The lush green of the trees here, for one thing. I will miss driving down highways lined with endless rows of trees. I’ll miss curvy back roads shaded by trees with overhanging branches covered by leafy vines. And the clouds here look so big and beautiful all the time! I can’t remember for sure, but do the clouds in Korea not look like that? I have been captivated by them for the entirety of these past two weeks.

Look at those beautiful clouds!
Look at those gorgeous clouds!

I’ll also miss being on vacation. I’ll miss digging up old piano books from the back of the closet, sitting on the floor in front of stuffed bookshelves perusing all manner of different types of books, finding random movies I’ve been wanting to watch recorded on the TV and then watching them late into the night. I’ll miss bingeing on my super healthy snack food.

And that’s not even mentioning all the people here who are dear to my heart and who I’ve spent the last two weeks having deep conversations with, sharing meals with, and laughing with.

But I think it’s time to start remembering what I love about Korea.

It’s time to get out of vacation mode and start getting excited about going back.

So I’ll start it off with this: I will get to walk places instead of being stuck in a car all the time! I will get to see the ocean, as often as my heart desires! I will get to see my students, who I haven’t consciously missed that much, but who bring a lot of energy and unpredictable antics into my life. I will get to reapply myself to my Korean studies (a recent determination of mine). And I suppose there are some people dear to my heart who I will get to see as well. :)

There is so much to be excited about!
There is so much to be excited about!



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Elizabeth holds to simple faith in a complex world. She values the beauty of the everyday and strives for vulnerability with other imperfect humans. She is currently pursuing her MDiv at Fuller Theological Seminary, so when she isn't busy writing academic papers, she is usually out enjoying the LA sunshine. She is constantly learning, laughing, and finding herself in awe of grace.

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