I’ve been thinking about money and power lately.

Mostly because of this Korean drama I’m watching, Heirs.

Some of the realities of this world really disturb me. The cruelty that exists. The injustice and unkindness. The entitlement people feel, and the way people grind down those below them instead of trying to help them. It kind of makes me sick.

Watching the drama, I’m obviously rooting for the poor girl, the one who is kind and selfless and has a healthy sense of self-worth, yet is practical at the same time. Of course, we’re all rooting for her.

But I have to confess that sometimes she strikes me as pretty powerless.

She does what she can.

She works a million part time jobs to earn money for herself. She tries not to let the bullies control her at school and often exerts her independence. But at the end of the day, she has no money, no status, no prospects, and the only thing keeping her from being tortured at school is the fact that the two most powerful and rich guys in the school happen to like her.

I find myself having hope for her because of her connection to these guys. Surely one of them will be able to provide for her. Certainly both of them will be able to keep her from being bullied by the other kids.

But what kind of hope is that?

It bothers me, because I know the things portrayed in this drama happen in real life, too.

There are plenty of poor, destitute people out there who find themselves in despairingly difficult situations. And bullying is a huge problem in Korea––kids are quite cruel to each other, causing a lot of suffering and even suicide. Even though I am kind of hooked on the drama (partly because I’m half-in love with the main male actor), I find myself sucked into this world where power and status are everything, and it’s kind of disheartening.

The other day I came across this verse in Acts:

And you are heirs of the prophets and of the covenant God made with your fathers.
(Acts 3:25)

That phrase immediately stuck out to me because of this drama. You are heirs. I suddenly realized what a powerful statement that is.

Sure, some people have quite a bit of money and power in this world, and some kids get to inherit wealth and privilege without lifting a finger to earn it. Sure, some of them misuse that money and power. Sure, it’s unfair. And honestly, sometimes when I think about my current financial “status,” I feel pretty worthless. I start to ask what I have achieved with my life and what I possibly could achieve. I know I’m no millionaire in the making (I don’t think).

But then I remember who I am. I am an heir of a different sort.

I have inherited riches that I did nothing to earn either, but which God has lavishly bestowed on me: Righteousness. Joy. Eternal life. And access to the throne room of the King.

I actually have quite a bit of power, because I have the ear of the King. I have a power that isn’t dependent on stock markets or the whims of others or on meeting the demands of manipulative parents. My Father loves me; He always turns His ear toward me. And I will most certainly use my power for good.

What kind of heir are you?



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