Teacher Life: MERS

Because of MERS, I have not had to go into work for the past two weeks.

Sounds like a good thing, but while I have appreciated the extra time to do things like realize I misplaced several pairs of shoes when I moved 8 months ago and go on an extensive hunt for them (shoes successfully FOUND!), I am now more than ready to go back to work.

I miss my normal routine, and and I miss my students!

I miss the girls who take fifteen minutes to answer my simple, “How are you today?” (“I am happy and excellent and angry and hungry and sleepy and angry and angry and angry and great.”) I miss the middle school students who tease me about my age. (“Teacher, have you heard about MERS? We wanted to make sure you knew about it, because it affects old people.”) I miss finding out what toys are in vogue that week (water guns shaped like elephants, scary phone games featuring zombie teddy bears, or real live gerbils) and then banning said items.

I’m not sure when exactly I’ll see my students again, but I hope they don’t get mixed up in too many shenanigans in the meantime. And when I do see them, they better act happy to see me. Just kidding. But not really.



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After living in South Korea for over 7 years, Elizabeth is back in the States finding a new normal. Currently in seminary, she is enjoying unpacking questions of faith in a new context. Amidst the tension of brokenness and conviction, she continues to find grace. And above all else, she continues to pursue the God who inspires childlike wonder.

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