On the Bright Side

My roomie left me yesterday for a month-long trip to the States, and I was not very excited to see her go.  In fact, I had been dreading the prospect of living alone.  But then I realized that her absence was really an opportunity.  (In fact, every situation one finds oneself in can be seen as an opportunity, so I believe.)  An opportunity to set some goals, refocus myself, and have some fun.

It’s only been about 36 hours, and I’ve already learned a lot about myself.  For example, I waste a ton of water when I wash my hands and brush my teeth!  (Not sure why I didn’t notice this beforeㅡperhaps because I knew the water bill was being split with someone else before?)  Effective immediately, I am no longer letting the tap run straight into the drain without using the forthcoming stream in some way!

Also, I’ve been realizing that there are definite benefits to living alone.  You can skype in the kitchen without worrying about waking up your roommate (or having her overhear you).  You can sing as loudly as you want and dance around as much as you want (even in front of her bedroom mirror, if you don’t happen to have one).  You can cook as much smelly Korean food as you want (speaking of which, this would be the perfect time to fry up some mackerel!).  And in my case, you can use your roommate’s bedroom as your laundry drying room!!!  (If you saw the size of my room, you’d understand my excitement.)

Oh the possibilities…

The situation is also motivating me to initiate a lot more socializing with other people, which is always good.  And I’ve made a list of goals to accomplish before my roomie returns: books to finish, habits to develop, projects to work on.

Can’t wait until she gets back, though.  I find myself posting up facebook statuses at a somewhat alarming rate…  (Ok maybe it’s not “alarming,” but it’s kind of weird.)  Can’t wait to have someone to share all the random funny details of my day with and go to the grocery store with and stay up late chatting with.  In the meantime, I’ll have to be content with singing loudly and dancing frequently~

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Elizabeth is an American living in South Korea who believes in destiny, miracles, and living life intentionally. She holds to simple faith in a complex world, values the beauty of the everyday, and strives for vulnerability with other imperfect humans. She is always learning, laughing, and finding herself in awe of grace.

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