Real Life: Trying to Handle It on My Own

Life is hard. I think it’s healthy to expect it to be.

Lately, it’s been rather hard for me.

But instead of talking about why it’s been hard or the strategies I’ve been brainstorming on how to make everything better, I’d just like to share one simple observation:

Life is much harder when I try to handle it by myself instead of letting Him carry my burdens.

I don’t know why I feel guilty for letting Him help me––has the American value of independence really ingrained itself that deeply inside me or is it just plain pride?––but I often do. I stubbornly insist on trying to do things by myself first and only go to Him when I’ve reached the point of desperation.

The other day, God told me very clearly,

“The world values independence, it honors those who earn what they achieve, who strive and sweat and make a way for themselves, but that’s not what I value. NEVER feel guilty for letting Me take care of you. What I’m looking for is love.”

I usually think of myself as someone who loves fairly well,

but lately, I’ve felt more like a mess than anything else. So what then? What do I do when the one qualification I thought I sort of had down fails me?

Self-implosion feels perilously near..

But He says, “My grace is sufficient for you.”


And again He speaks: “It’s really not complicated, it’s simple: I love you and I’m not going to stop.”

It gets me every time.


Are you trying to handle it all on your own? How might things change if you surrendered your independence and simply let Him love you?

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After living in South Korea for over 7 years, Elizabeth is back in the States finding a new normal. Currently in seminary, she is enjoying unpacking questions of faith in a new context. Amidst the tension of brokenness and conviction, she continues to find grace. And above all else, she continues to pursue the God who inspires childlike wonder.

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