Young and Female: Relating to Men

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Men and women have more in common than not. We are all people with feelings, thoughts, ideas, desires, hopes, and questions. But, we are different. It was so since the beginning. And it still is. Sometimes, it can feel like we are on opposite sides of a divide, either failing to communicate or part of some tense, unspoken power struggle. Yet there is something very special about healthy male-female relationships (and I’m not just talking about romance) […]

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Young and Female: The Lies I Used to Believe

As a girl who grew up in a very liberal environment, attended college in the Bible belt, and has attended numerous churches of various denominations, I have observed and absorbed many different views of gender and gender roles over the years. I find there are still many contradictory thoughts floating around in my head about what it means to be female. Subtly and silently, hidden attitudes and beliefs play tug of war in my head.

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Young and Female: Being Told I Can’t

Growing up, I never thought of being a girl as a disadvantage. I learned about the hardships women faced throughout history, but I didn’t think any of that was relevant to me and my life. But as I’ve gotten older, the realities of being a woman have proved more complex than I thought.

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