Waiting is Only for a Season

Waiting is one of the hardest things to do. It's one of the toughest parts about faith. If you need some encouragement in the waiting, click through to read the full article!

There are many promises from God I’m still waiting on. By promises, I mean things that God has spoken to me personally. Words I’m holding onto in faith. Things He told me He would do sometime in the future. Some of them are big things, things much bigger than me. But some of them are just […]

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There are Some Things You Should Try Your Best Not to Forget

Quite a lot of things, actually. But one of those things is what makes you light up inside. Don’t ever forget that. Don’t let the drudgery of life make you forget. An Enlightening Conversation Last week, on a flight from Manila to Seoul, I had a life-changing conversation. The kind of conversation that you can’t […]

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