Young and Female: Relating to Men

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Men and women have more in common than not. We are all people with feelings, thoughts, ideas, desires, hopes, and questions. But, we are different. It was so since the beginning. And it still is. Sometimes, it can feel like we are on opposite sides of a divide, either failing to communicate or part of some tense, unspoken power struggle. Yet there is something very special about healthy male-female relationships (and I’m not just talking about romance) […]

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Teacher Life: What I’ve Got Going For Me

It’s not like the whole world is against me. Just a few key people in it. Namely, the moms of my students. Never having met me (until this Wednesday), they became quite good at criticizing my every move and making life rather stressful for my co-teacher (who communicates with them regularly) and my principal (who […]

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