Trying Not to be Overwhelmed by Racism

What is happening in America right now is unacceptable. Click through to read the full article.

What is happening in America right now is unacceptable. I’m sure there are many things happening in America that various people might label unacceptable, but what I’m talking about is the shooting of unarmed African-Americans. I’m talking about the unjust killing of defenseless people by law enforcement officials. In theory, I feel like this is something […]

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Young and Female: Being Told I Can’t

Growing up, I never thought of being a girl as a disadvantage. I learned about the hardships women faced throughout history, but I didn’t think any of that was relevant to me and my life. But as I’ve gotten older, the realities of being a woman have proved more complex than I thought.

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I started today angry. I’m usually a fairly mild-mannered person––I think I at least come off that way to most people––but I definitely have my angry moments. Today I was in the mood for angry rants, angry. Some things are just so messed up!

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