Young and Female: Relating to Men

It's not supposed to be a competition. Click through to read more!

Men and women have more in common than not. We are all people with feelings, thoughts, ideas, desires, hopes, and questions. But, we are different. It was so since the beginning. And it still is. Sometimes, it can feel like we are on opposite sides of a divide, either failing to communicate or part of some tense, unspoken power struggle. Yet there is something very special about healthy male-female relationships (and I’m not just talking about romance) […]

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Enjoying the last bits of sunshine together

I enjoyed the last rays of the summer solstice in the company of my Kentucky-born grandfather. He was in America sitting outside by my grandmother’s grave, while I was in Korea sitting inside at my desk, but through the amazing technology of FaceTime, we were together.

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Still Single: The Lies That We Believe

Sometimes we are the worst perpetrators of the lies out there about singlehood. Let's kick those lies out once and for all! Click through to read the full article!

This week I want to address head on a few of the lies we can fall for as singles. Sometimes the people around us perpetuate these lies, but often we are secretly the worst perpetrators. Let’s stop letting these sneaky deceptions hang around and kick them out once and for all!

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Still Single: The Struggle and The Journey

I have been single longer than I ever desired or planned, but I can't help being thankful. Click to read why.

It recently hit me that I am not going to get married in my twenties. I am currently 29-and-a-half, so that ship has sailed. I guess I should have seen this coming, but the initial realization was a bit of a shock. And that is what inspired this blog series […]

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One of Those Moments

Tonight my nine-year-old sister said to me, “You’re awesome, you know that?” I was about to play dodgeball with her and our younger brother in the basement, which she had been wanting to do all evening. I suppose that’s what triggered the comment, but whatever the motivation, I have to say it warmed me up inside. Nothing […]

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Teacher Life: Are You Flirting With Me?

Recently, a student came up to me before class. It was Daniel, the student I made cry last month by encouraging him to externally process his feelings. “Do you need something?” I asked with a frown, distracted as I usually am during break time…

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Two Heartwarming Videos

These both made me cry this week. Underprivileged kids are offered two gifts: One they want and one their parents want. Children of prisoners reunite with their fathers behind bars.

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Childlike Wonder

I still remember how I first learned the word jaded. My sixth grade English teacher said she preferred teaching us sixth graders because by eighth grade, students became jaded. Jaded? What was this mysterious quality of eighth graders she found so unlikeable? Now I not only know the definition of jaded, I sometimes, to my […]

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