Teacher Life: Taking My Place of Authority

I have never exerted so much authority in my life. Obedience and submission have always come more naturally to me than taking charge. I am good at going with the flow, I’m okay at questioning the flow, but starting the flow? Not so much. When I started teaching kindergarten 2 months ago, being the authority felt very unnatural. I […]

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Teacher Life: What I’ve Got Going For Me

It’s not like the whole world is against me. Just a few key people in it. Namely, the moms of my students. Never having met me (until this Wednesday), they became quite good at criticizing my every move and making life rather stressful for my co-teacher (who communicates with them regularly) and my principal (who […]

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Teacher Life: In Over My Head

I started feeling stressed today, because MONDAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL.

Tomorrow is a national holiday (HALLELUJAH), so today was teacher training day and prepare your classrooms day. And I just felt like I didn’t know what I was doing […]

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