Standing By My Singleness

At times, people have intimated to me that my current life circumstances are not optimal for finding a life partner. I’d have to agree. I live in a foreign country (South Korea), in a city where the majority of people are not fluent in my native tongue (and I’m far from fluent in theirs). I […]

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Solo Christmas

Today, like every day, I asked my students, “How are you today?” Although yesterday was Christmas, no one said a word about that. They gave their usual answers: “Happy,” “Hungry,” “Tired and happy,” “Very, very, very, very happy,” and “Angry.” Except one boy. One rambunctious eleven-year-old who occasionally has streaks of uncontrollable laughter that turn […]

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Still Single: The Lies That We Believe

Sometimes we are the worst perpetrators of the lies out there about singlehood. Let's kick those lies out once and for all! Click through to read the full article!

This week I want to address head on a few of the lies we can fall for as singles. Sometimes the people around us perpetuate these lies, but often we are secretly the worst perpetrators. Let’s stop letting these sneaky deceptions hang around and kick them out once and for all!

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Still Single: The Struggle and The Journey

I have been single longer than I ever desired or planned, but I can't help being thankful. Click to read why.

It recently hit me that I am not going to get married in my twenties. I am currently 29-and-a-half, so that ship has sailed. I guess I should have seen this coming, but the initial realization was a bit of a shock. And that is what inspired this blog series […]

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