Remembering the Dark Times

I used to see the dark times as something to forget. I wanted to pretend they had never happened. My struggles and failures, the moments of intense loneliness, fear, and confusion––I just wanted to put all that behind me. The point was to overcome. The point was to move forward. But in the midst of recent […]

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Good Friday: The Reason for Suffering

Salvation is a free gift. Yet it came at a great cost. I used to think my part was to simply receive the gift. Which is true. A gift isn’t something you earn. You simply open your hands and receive it. However, I found myself a little confused as to what this gift entailed. I thought that since Jesus took on […]

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I guess this is what grieving is like.

Missing her laugh and her cooking and her sense of humor. Remembering her inner strength and all the important things she taught me. Wishing I could have somehow communicated to her that even though I am all the way over here and she was all the way over there, I never forgot her for a second…

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