The Countdown Begins: 3 Weeks Until Take-off

I’ve spent most of the summer putting off thoughts of Korea and trying to focus on the here and now.

That has mostly involved awesome conversations with friends and pretty cool trips to go and see some of those friends. The trips have been great, but to me, nothing can top a quality deep conversation.

Last week, a guy from Olive Garden passed by me and my friend on a bench two hours after we had finished our meal and said, “Still here?” (Yes, for us, eating dinner at Olive Garden was just an excuse to have a three-hour conversation.) Those are the moments from this summer I’ll cherish the most.

Now, however, it is finally time to start preparations.

As in, I should probably start making an official packing list soon.

It is also time to arrange last hang outs with people so I can say proper goodbyes. Except maybe that isn’t as necessary as I sometimes think. I remember telling an acquaintance in college, “So I’ll probably never see you again…bye!” (his response: “Worst goodbye ever!” was probably deserved) only to see him three months later when a project took him to my neck of the woods for a weekend. I’m learning that the world is smaller than it seems.

Korea is a little farther from the US than Baltimore is from Houston, but since I most likely will be coming back in 10 months, I probably shouldn’t be overly dramatic about my goodbyes. Plus, there’s always Skype.

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Elizabeth holds to simple faith in a complex world. She values the beauty of the everyday and strives for vulnerability with other imperfect humans. She is currently pursuing her MDiv at Fuller Theological Seminary, so when she isn't busy writing academic papers, she is usually out enjoying the LA sunshine. She is constantly learning, laughing, and finding herself in awe of grace.

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