The Little Things

Things are back to normal here in my day-to-day life in Korea. I’m crying during church services, doing laundry, eating tons of cucumbers (my new addiction), watching a new Korean drama, taking pictures of eating with friends, and writing songs on the keyboard in the corner of my tiny bedroom.

It’s the little things in life that make it colorful and fun.

Like the moment last night when my water bottle almost slipped out of my hand and I made some weird noise and my roommate said, “Wow, good thing you’re not going to cohabitate before you get married..” (Thanks..) Or the other day when I realized that I made it from the bus to my apartment all the way back to the subway station in time to get the subway trip counted as a “transfer” (has to be within 20 minutes and costs a lot less). YES.

Sometimes I get so caught up worrying about the big picture that I overlook all the wonderful little details of my day and forget to appreciate everything I already have.

Right now I am especially thankful for all the people in my life.

All the friends who have been giving me advice about how to design my business cards and advertise for students. All the people who constantly give me hugs and make me laugh. All the strangers who help me out when I look clueless. Thinking about all these wonderful people reminds me that every day is full of reasons to smile and full of opportunities to spread joy and love.



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After living in South Korea for over 7 years, Elizabeth is back in the States finding a new normal. Currently in seminary, she is enjoying unpacking questions of faith in a new context. Amidst the tension of brokenness and conviction, she continues to find grace. And above all else, she continues to pursue the God who inspires childlike wonder.

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