The Perfect Job I Wasn’t Looking For (only He could plan something this good)

I got a job today!!! My first full-time job ever!!!

I haven’t felt this much explosive, don’t-know-what-to-do-with-myself giddiness since I found out I got the Fulbright and my lifelong dream of going to Korea was coming true… 


This isn’t just any job. This is like the perfect job. A job that I wasn’t even looking for. A job I didn’t even think to ask for.

Getting this job is the kind of thing that shows me that God is real. It’s in moments like this when God reveals how silly my attempts to take care of myself are. He does a much, much better job.

So here’s the story:

On Tuesday, I was suffering from post-mission trip depression (I think that must be the official terminology), trying hard to find meaning in my life, trying hard to get excited about posting up flyers advertising private piano lessons in English, when suddenly, while warming up to lead a worship session at the prayer tabernacle, I got to chatting with one of my fellow singers:

Me: Hey, still interested in taking piano lessons?
She: Yeah, where do you live? Wanna come to my school and teach me there? Actually, I’m looking for a new teacher at the English kindergarten I manage. Interested?
Me: Oh! Maybe. But could I possibly teach music?
She: Yeah, I gave a bunch of your business cards to my principal several months ago, but I think more parents would be interested if the lessons were at our school. So maybe we could have you teach regular classes in the morning and then arrange piano lessons in our music room in the afternoons.

All throughout worship, I was suddenly bursting with joy.

We hadn’t even made any official arrangements. I hadn’t even heard what my working hours or salary would potentially be. But I sensed in my spirit what got confirmed today during my interview. This was a divine set-up.

Not only is this job (teaching kindergarten, something I never pictured for myself) everything I was looking for: the opportunity to influence the youth of Korea, the opportunity to teach piano to Korean children in English, the opportunity to love with a mother’s heart, the opportunity to be a role model, but it is also much more: a steady salary with full benefits, a convenient commute, great hours, a wonderful work environment, a great support system (many of my coworkers even go to my church), and a great opportunity to learn and grow as a teacher.

I feel like this is the perfect job I didn’t even know I was waiting for!

The really crazy part is that my school feels the same way about me. I am the teacher they have been waiting for! (Really? Wow.) I’m the teacher who will finally put their music room to use! And not just that, but me, not me on paper, but me with my heart and personality and essence, somehow perfectly qualifies me to fill this spot.

(Apparently the principal decided she liked me just after looking at my facebook profile pic, some ridiculous shot of me sipping juice from a coconut in Cambodia.. craziness.)

After all the months of waiting,

all the months of refusing to budge from the place of faith, all the months of believing that God would provide, that I wouldn’t have to compromise and take some job just for the money.. All I can do is give Him thanks with all my heart.

I mean, I knew He would provide, but.. so suddenly? in such a wonderful, unexpected way?  Somehow, in the very act of fulfilling the promises He has made to me, He always manages to surprise me. Man, He is good.



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