When I Need Reminding

God is always ready. Even before I realize I need it, He is ready to tell me how He loves me. How fully, how tenderly, how deeply.

His love is the kind that lasts a lifetime and even beyond.

I get down on myself sometimes.

I get discouraged. I lose sight of what’s ahead and get bogged down in other things–things that have been, things that may never be, things that I fear may never change. But He is the one who always lifts me back up, the one who gives me hope.

How do you view me, God?

Like a flower, delicate and beautiful. Something I desire to protect. Precious.
I love your tenderness. And I will always be strong for you.

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After living in South Korea for over 7 years, Elizabeth is back in the States finding a new normal. In the tension of brokenness, resilience, and conviction, she chooses faith and depends on grace. She leans into empathy, curiosity, divine whispers, and childlike wonder.

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