Are we there yet?

So often I find myself in a rush to arrive. Where, I’m not exactly sure. Nonetheless, I feel certain I’m behind.

I feel the frustration of the Israelites wandering in the desert, so close to the Promised Land, yet finding it just out of reach. To come so far, to leave so much behind, and then to wander? It doesn’t seem to make sense.

I try to remind myself: It’s not about the destination, but the journey. 

But I still so often forget. I get caught up trying to accomplish things or to become my best self, the me I’m supposed to be. I still have trouble accepting myself as I am, where I am. It can be a struggle to stay in the present. 

But day by day, I find the Presence with me, a cloud by day, a fire by night. Guiding me, teaching me, redirecting my attention to the life around me and within me. God is in heaven, yet God is also palpably here, on the ground, in our midst. The One who created us holds the answers. And life makes the most sense when I am simply looking at Him.

Still Walking

One step at a time. That’s how the journey goes. Sometimes we take a wrong turn or have to stop and catch our breath. Perhaps we collapse from exhaustion or get stuck in a ditch and don’t know the way out. Perhaps we arrive only to find we aren’t ready, that we make mistakes difficult to face.

Yet God.

In the most unexpected ways, He shows up.

There is always a way forward, though it sometimes requires going backward or stopping for a moment to breathe. If we listen, if we ask for help, if we humble ourselves to submit to the process, I know good is on the other side. As I reflect and share here on the blog, from where I am somewhere in the middle of the journey, I hope you are encouraged, reassured, and inspired. To give yourself more credit. To take another risk. To give yourself permission to slow down. 

Most of all, may you be reminded of the Love that is pursuing you, the Love that never overlooks you. Hard days are not the end. And good ones are meant to be celebrated.

So kick back and stay awhile.

Lean in and ponder. Smile, laugh, or cry––no one here will judge you. Connect, share, process, and let yourself remember: You are not alone.

Here’s to treasuring the imperfect, unpredictable process that has made us who we are today and continues to form us into who we will be tomorrow. Here’s to the One whose ways are higher than ours, to the One whose heart we can spend our whole lives searching out without reaching its breadth or width.

Here’s to awe and wonder and the Love that never lets go.

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