Learning to Love Myself

Recently I had an unexpected epiphany: I realized I needed to forgive myself. As a Christian, forgiveness seems like a pretty basic concept. God forgave us, so we must forgive others. We need to let go of offense, get rid of bitterness, and release to others the grace we have been shown. It’s one of those deceptively simple Sunday […]

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Death Defeated

There is one particular moment that stands out from my church retreat experience last weekend: falling to the ground weeping at a single song lyric: Death is defeated Just moments before, I had stood for an altar call to release disappointment, and deep disappointment had surfaced about my grandmother’s passing back in December. It wasn’t just disappointment that God never physically healed her from […]

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I guess this is what grieving is like.

Missing her laugh and her cooking and her sense of humor. Remembering her inner strength and all the important things she taught me. Wishing I could have somehow communicated to her that even though I am all the way over here and she was all the way over there, I never forgot her for a second…

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