Better Than TV: Fasting to Focus on Something Greater

I am now on Day 3 of my second ever 40-day media fast. This was not premeditated. At all. But, while the first time I felt prompted to do this back in May, I was deathly afraid (not sure of what–dying of boredom?) this time, having done it once before, I just jumped right in. I’m actually quite ecstatic about it.

When God calls us to sacrifice something, it is easy to focus on what we are losing, to feel like God is taking something from us. (I do love me some quality TV.) But the truth is that God always gives something far better than whatever God takes. That’s the truth that has got me so excited this time around. God is taking away distraction to turn my attention to something much bigger, richer, and more exciting.

Spiritual Gifts

When I think about spiritual gifts, I get excited. I want all of them. I want to bring inner healing to the broken and physical healing to the sick. I want to prophesy to those who need to hear from God, impart wisdom to those who need clarity, encourage the weary, intercede with power, evangelize, lead worship–everything and anything!

But right now, I feel God leading me to dive deeper into how God has already anointed me.

I don’t think God minds my hunger, in fact, I’m pretty sure He likes it, but the truth is that I don’t need all the gifts. If living for God were a solitary activity, then I would. I would be incomplete and vulnerable without them. But God designed the Kingdom to be communal. He designed us each to play a specific role so that we can only function fully together.

He made us to need each other.

Part of a Team

Just like in Lord of the Rings. The group tasked with destroying THE RING was extremely diverse. There were hobbits, men, elves, dwarves, and wizards. They were of all different sizes, shapes, backgrounds, opinions, and talents. But they all brought something valuable to the team. Some were skilled trackers, some experienced warriors. Some were resourceful in finding food. Others had key connections with important people, kept up morale, or provided leadership.

Not all the roles are equally glamorous, but all of them are vital. When we understand the importance of our role and its significance in the bigger picture, everyone benefits.

During these 40 days, I am asking for insight, and it’s not just for my sake, it’s for the sake of a larger community. If you are a sentry, then your eyes better be open! If you a warrior, then your weapon better be out! If you are a leader, you better take your place! Your comrades are going to suffer otherwise.

I sense that this is a time to be alert. A time to pray. A time to let God sharpen. So I am consecrating myself. I can’t wait to see what God does.

“Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you.”
Joshua 3:5



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Elizabeth is a teacher, preacher, musician, and writer. She has a Master's of Divinity and a Master's of Music, which represent her two great loves: Jesus and the arts. A half-Korean, half-white American, she spent seven years in South Korea teaching English. Elizabeth is a perpetual learner, a deep feeler, and a pursuer of beauty and truth.

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