Enjoying the last bits of sunshine together

I enjoyed the last rays of the summer solstice in the company of my Kentucky-born grandfather. He was in America sitting outside by my grandmother’s grave, while I was in Korea sitting inside at my desk, but through the amazing technology of FaceTime, we were together.

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I guess this is what grieving is like.

Missing her laugh and her cooking and her sense of humor. Remembering her inner strength and all the important things she taught me. Wishing I could have somehow communicated to her that even though I am all the way over here and she was all the way over there, I never forgot her for a second…

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I had a┬álovely chat with my grandfather last night. It made me realize I should call my grandparents more often. I have so much to learn from them. First of all, my grandfather is almost 85, and he is more physically fit than most people I know. When I called, he was at Panera Bread […]

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