Still Single: The Lies That We Believe

Sometimes we are the worst perpetrators of the lies out there about singlehood. Let's kick those lies out once and for all! Click through to read the full article!

This week I want to address head on a few of the lies we can fall for as singles. Sometimes the people around us perpetuate these lies, but often we are secretly the worst perpetrators. Let’s stop letting these sneaky deceptions hang around and kick them out once and for all!

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Called to Motherhood

It started as a joke. A few months ago, while getting on a friend’s case about something he needed to get done, I apologized for “being such a mom,” which he immediately ran with. Comments like, “Thanks, MOM,” began littering my Facebook wall. But then he started being all serious about it. He started saying […]

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Standards of Beauty

High Heels One of the first things I noticed when I visited Korea three years ago was the surprising number of girls wearing high heels. (My friend joked that they would even wear them with pajamas.) One of the first things I noticed when I arrived in Korea 8 months ago was how many advertisements there […]

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