Unresolved Conflict – Living in South Korea

Yesterday, a group of students announced to me that North Korea was going to bomb us the day after tomorrow. “According to who?” I asked. But they were all chattering at me and each other in Korean a million miles a minute, and I was struggling to catch up.

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5 Tips for Beating the Heat in Korea

Heat wave getting to you? Click to learn ingenious tips you probably haven't thought of! ;)

I have been melting the past few weeks. It is SO HOT this summer! It’s like the world has turned into one giant sauna! Anyway, we all know that not only does heat make everyone grumpy and tired, but some of us are champion sweat producers. And that’s not a skill we really want to show off. So here are some tips for beating the heat in Korea. Feel free to adapt them to your locale…

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